Experimental Treatment

Oh, dear, he thought as the figure slowly became two. He quickly dialed the doctor.

“The results aren’t quite what we expected. What’s our plan B?”

Photo courtesy of Grammar Ghoul Press

Picnic of the Gods

“That ambrosia was to die for!”

The gods laughed as they settled in to watch the sunset.

“Anyone got a Mento?” said Dionysus. Ares tossed him a pack.

Dionysus poured the whole thing down a crack in the rocks. Boom! The group cheered as lava exploded out and oozed into the sea.

Photo provided by Grammar Ghoul Press

What’s Hatching at the Egg Factory?

She looked at the writhing lump on the floor. Though she’d tried, she couldn’t stop the teetering egg from falling as the conveyor belt jolted. Now its slimy contents were at her feet.

With horror she noticed that the creature had swiveled its head around and turned its hungry eyes on her.