The Emily Morgan

There’s a building in San Antonio that has caught my attention both times I’ve been there. It overlooks and dwarfs the Alamo. It commands the triangular block it inhabits, proudly showing off its stunning architectural qualities.


Striking, isn’t it? Once a state of the art medical arts facility, this building now houses the Emily Morgan Hotel.

I looked into staying here on my next trip to San Antonio, but then I heard about the ghosts. I’m not a superstitious person. I normally have a logical, scientific mind. However, the idea that souls may linger after the body is dead has never been dismissed as a possibility.

I don’t wish to encounter those lost souls.

I read that when this hotel was a medical building, it had both psychiatric floors and a surgical floor. There are strange things that happen on these floors, sounds of gurneys, the smell of alcohol, and the feeling of being touched. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ The elevator in the hotel apparently likes to randomly travel to the basement, which used to house the morgue, and stay there.

I mentioned these things to my younger sister. She responded with, “Cool! I’d love to stay there.”

Personally, if an unexpected ghost showed up at the end of my bed inviting me to sing along with her (one of the stories of the Emily Morgan), I’d take that in stride as much as possible.

I wouldn’t go looking for her.


Photo credit: via / CC BY

Inspired by The Daily Post’s prompt: Superstition