The Things You Do for Love

Photo provided by Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

“Come! Look!”

Arthur pulled Genevieveย toward the window.

“Come, I’ve been working on this for weeks. Got the thing off Ebay and fixed it up… for you.”

She peeked out the shop window. There, on the sidewalk of all places, sat a tiny car, not much bigger than a child’s ride-on toy, brilliantly painted in a rainbow of swirls. Was that a garden on the roof?ย Her jaw dropped open.

“You like it?” He was practically jumping up and down.

“Aw, Arthur, I don’t know what to say.”

“Come, let’s go for a ride,” he said, grabbing her hand.

She looked at the car in all of its hideous glory, then at ย Arthur, smiling broadly, his blue eyes twinkling. Oh, the things you do for love!

“Let’s go,” she said, hoping none of the neighbors were watching.


Photo credit to Dawn Miller

Sammy was in the zone. Her footfalls were the only thing she was focused on. One stepย after another, in tune with her breathing, created a zen-like state. She had started her morning run off strong, well on her way to breaking her eight minute mile.

Her GPS chimed the distance. Six miles down, one to go.

She noticed something in the path ahead, something oddly out of place. A pair of boots was lined up soldier straight in the middle of the path. She didn’t want to stop, but she did, catching her breath as she paused her watch.

On guard, she looked around. Everything was silent. Too silent. No cars on the road above. No birds. Where were the birds? Her neck prickled.

Suddenly, Sammy felt a cold hand on her shoulder followed by a hand over her mouth.

Moments later, a figure quietly replaced the boots with Sammy’s running shoes.

This is my first visit to this site. Having fun stretching my writing muscles with these competitions. Thanks for the challenge!

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