In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “From You toย You.”Write a letter to your 14-year-old self. Tomorrow, write a letter to yourself in 20 years.

Dear Angsty Teen,

You are embarking upon a marvelous journey called life. As you head out, the scenery looks bleak. Glorious mountain peaks are shrouded in fog. Fertile valleys are subject to intense rainstorms. Sometimes it will feel like you are standing on a precipice alone, with nowhere to turn.

Blog2015rs0216Climb the mountain. Wait for the fog to clear. Mountains are hard to climb, but the view from the top is spectacular.You will see for miles in the distance. The air is clean and clear. Cars on the road below are mere ants, plugging along from point A to point B. You may even look down to see an eagle soaring above them. When the fog rolls in again, you will be above it, and you will see that though the fog may be dense, the sun still shines.

Blog2015rs0218Walk through the rain. Accept getting wet. You may find yourself huddling in a rocky alcove or under a tree with fellow wanderers. You are not alone in your travels. When the rain lets up, you will be amazed by the greenery and the profuse blooms that follow. Around you life will buzz with activity, and you will be a part of the picture. Even the desert blooms after a rain.

And on that precipice, alone, raise your eyes to the heavens and wait for the sun to rise. Look up. Feel the thinness of the air. See the world before you. Look in the direction you wish to go. Walk on the edge if you must, but resist the fear of falling. Look down and do not be afraid. Find the place you wish to be. Anchor yourself to the precipice itself, keep hold of your rope, and gently rappel yourself back down to safety. As you continue on your path, the precipice will become a beautiful scene in the distance, the dizzying heights no more than a fading memory.

Angsty teen, life is a journey, not a frozen moment in time. If you are willing to weather the storms and overcome the obstacles, you will see the beauty that surrounds you. You just have to get through the tempest.

In love and wisdom,

Your future self

Hi, neighbor!

It’s a slow morning in my house, which means plenty of time to “visit the neighbors.” My interests seem to change from day to day, but my current tag search and find includes:

Organization (inspiration for decluttering my home):

Costa Rica (because we finally went this year and this lets me relive my time in paradise):

Parenting teens (because I’m getting very close to empty nest, now looking up and wondering where I went):

Finding appropriate tags to search wasn’t the easiest. I tried some more specific tags like parenting teen humor. Apparently there is no such thing. ๐Ÿ™‚ I will have to continue to finesse the search later as the results of the first blog search have inspired me to get up and declutter.

Until later, happy blogging!

Three Dots

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Tattooโ€ฆ.You?.”Do you have a tattoo? If so, whatโ€™s the story behind your ink? If you donโ€™t have a tattoo, what might you consider getting emblazoned on you skin?

Three dots,

front and center

left and right.

Guide marks

as alone I lie

on the alter of machinery,

a toxic stream ofย radiation

beaming through my flesh;

grinding and throbbing

a death knell

to cancer.

Three dots

representing life.


Ink belongs on skin

You say.

My ink belongs on paper.

Commitment required.

To judge you must read

not look.

And when you turn the page,

a new layer of skin,



closer to the nerve.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Tattooโ€ฆ.You?.”Do you have a tattoo? If so, whatโ€™s the story behind your ink? If you donโ€™t have a tattoo, what might you consider getting emblazoned on you skin?

Hello world!

This is my second blog. My first blog documented my journey from couch potato to becoming an older runner. I’ve neverย been much of a talker. I am usually found sitting quietly on the sidelines, taking it all in (thus the blog name). Writing is my form of self-expression, of becoming a part of the world and part of the greater discussion.

My dreams of becoming a writer began in middle school, when my English teacher asked me if she could display one of my poems. Being the incredibly self-conscious person I was, I declined the offer. But the seed was planted. This drive to write had created a positive reaction in my reader. Many years have passed and the drive is still there. Am I still nervous about opening up? Absolutely! But my new favorite mantra is: What would you do if you were not afraid? Well, this is high onย the list, so I’m doing it.

20150102_083412Over the years, I have written mostly for myself. I have chronicled my quiet, normal life through journals. I have written letters to the editor that never got sent. (I tend to be a procrastinator more than anything else.) I have written long, drawn out letters to my friends, and wordy, reflections on my teaching practices. But I’ve never really put myself out there for the general public… until now.

I hope to use this blog to make a difference, Phone Pics 2363to spark discussion about topics that are pertinent to our time, including raising teens, environmental issues, societal changes, and civics (as opposed to politics, which is quite the dirty word). I also want to sharpen and hone my writing skills in order to hopefully fulfill my someday dream of being published. I love hiking, exploring, and cooking, so those will probably come up in my blog from time to time. I am also an avid photographer, so I started a second blog for photos only. My wish is that there is something here you find compelling, and I hope to hear from you!

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