Wobbling, he dropped the glass. She smiled knowing they would never convict her.


Grammar Ghoul Press puts on a writing competition called Shapeshifting 13. The challenge this week was to write a story in 13 words inspired by and using some form of the word “wobble.” 

Preparing the Way

My job here is done, I thought, glancing over my shoulder at the devastation. I flipped the switch. The pod lifted into the air.

I shrugged. They had done it to themselves, really. I’d only planted a seed. These humans were such volatile creatures.

I radioed home, “Planet Earth cleared for resettlement.”

Photo provided by Grammar Ghoul Press


Hiding in Plain Sight

Jack and Jenny peered from their tent as the procession shuffled past.

“What’s going on?”

“Samhain Festival.”

“Look at the one over there.”

“Which one?”

“With the horns. Shh, he’s looking this way.”


“Those aren’t boots. They’re hooves.”

Scary Monsters on the March at the Perchant Pagan Festival in Germany, by Philipp Guelland, Photo provided by Grammar Ghoul Press