Experimental Treatment

Oh, dear, he thought as the figure slowly became two. He quickly dialed the doctor.

“The results aren’t quite what we expected. What’s our plan B?”

Photo courtesy of Grammar Ghoul Press

Picnic of the Gods

“That ambrosia was to die for!”

The gods laughed as they settled in to watch the sunset.

“Anyone got a Mento?” said Dionysus. Ares tossed him a pack.

Dionysus poured the whole thing down a crack in the rocks. Boom! The group cheered as lava exploded out and oozed into the sea.

Photo provided by Grammar Ghoul Press

The Crepes of Wrath

As cereal swirled around them, the Toads patted their swollen wheat bellies and grabbed their insulin, then waved their last goodbyes to their former life. The prospect of all carbs forever sent them westward toward the promise of fruits and greens. As they turned toward California, the TV flickered a sad goodbye.

The Cereal Dust Bowl by Carl Warner, provided by Grammar Ghoul Post



Like tectonic plates
We bump and bruise, seeking supremacy.
Subduction zones are for geology,
Not relationships,
And magma is rising in the chamber–
Eruption imminent.

This week’s challenge was to create a 26 word story or poem using and inspired by Bjork’s music video, Mutual Core. Click on the badge for more information.