New Year, New Hope

I vow now that the end of 2018 will not see me sitting on my couch watching a movie, just waiting for the sands on the year clock to run out. May 2018 be a year of renewal. May it bring with it a dedication to truth and authenticity, honest, heartfelt conversations, and clarity of thinking in the path forward. May the ghosts of all the years past not throw chains around this new year, and may patience turn to decisiveness.

To 2018!

Photo credit: maxxtraffic on / CC BY-SA


One thought on “New Year, New Hope

  1. The end of 2017 found us sitting on our couch, watching a movie. That’s how we like it! We have done this for every new years eve we have been together, except one. That first new year I think we were both trying too hard! Now we usually do what we’re most comfortable with. My wife fell asleep somewhere in the middle of the movie and I had to wake her just before midnight to go to bed. We will hopefully celebrate the end of 2018 the same way. If we’re lucky. โ˜บ Happy New Year!


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