Ovation Coffee

Sunshine and I made the drive up to the airport yesterday. Another visit had passed much too quickly. Between a road trip, a wedding, and Christmas, the time flew by. Now that Christmas was over, everyone but me had gone back to work. Sunshine had taken more time off than she was allotted in her new job, but we’d managed to pack a lot into our short time together. We had walked downtown Flagstaff and the red canyons of Sedona. We had shopped our local stores and hit our favorite coffee spot. We had spent a week laughing and talking and singing to Christmas songs in the car (tormenting the boys in the process). We had cooked and cleaned and wrapped. It was all over with much too soon.

We had time for one last cup of coffee before she caught her flight. Sunshine directed me down to the Pearl to a place that she assured me got rave reviews on Yelp, Ovation Coffee and Tea.

This is not your ordinary coffee shop. Though some variation of lattes and Americanos are on the menu, everything had a Moroccan twist. I asked about the Moroccan spices and the barista listed cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, ginger, pepper among others. Now was not the time for that same old cup of Joe. My daughter, who I recently found out considered our coffee dates to be our version of the Gilmore Girls, had led me to a delicious coffee heaven where her show could be played out complete with the requisite coffee bowls in place of mugs. When our steaming, beautiful bowls of coffee were placed between us, I looked up at this woman who used to be my little girl and felt an overwhelming sense of pride and love. Though the miles may separate us and the days between our visits seem long, we will always manage to pack laughter and love and coffee into our time together.


This tasted like coffee and a really good, not too sweet cookie. Delicious!

Inspired by real events…

and the Daily Post’s prompt: Ovation

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