Share Your World – #47 (Grateful)

It’s time for another installment of Cee’s Share Your World. This week is about gratitude. If you want to play along, click here. Here are my responses to this week’s questions: 

What are you grateful for in regard to:

Your home life? 

My house may be small, but there is yard enough for 4 dogs, and the view on a good day looks like this:


Disclaimer: That’s not all my yard. 🙂

Your family?

I’m grateful for people who make me smile and keep me on my toes. They’ve stood beside me through some very difficult times. Their support strengthens me.

Your blogging community?

I am grateful to anyone who bothers to read my ramblings. Thank you! 🙂

Your city or immediate area in which you live?

I’m grateful for the kindness and generosity of the people of my town. I live in a struggling community that somehow always seems to band together to help its kids, its poor, its most desperate people.

The regional area in which you live?

I’m thankful to be surrounded by green grass and forests, rivers and waterfalls. I love being able to take a day trip to the beach, the mountains, or the big city.


The country where you live?

Whenever I see people protesting on the street and hear others complaining, I cringe. It can be messy and annoying, but our right to protest, to have our voice heard, is such a privilege. I am so grateful we have that basic right.


I’m grateful to still be here. Sometimes the best phrases are the simple ones such as, “It’s very small” and  “We caught it early.”

Thanks again to Cee for this wonderful challenge! To all, have a very happy, peaceful, politics-free Thanksgiving!


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