Share Your World #40

It’s time for another contribution to Cee’s Share Your World. The latest questions were put out there by kids. ๐Ÿ™‚ If you want to play along, click here. Here are my responses:

Why did you start blogging?ย 

My daughter started blogging on a recent trip to Costa Rica. I was inspired by her. I’ve always loved writing and thought it would be a good outlet. (She inspires me in a lot of ways.)

A piece of clothing you still remember?

So many things, unfortunately. Halter tops. A terry cloth onesie shorts outfit. Lots of shorty-shorts. (They were in style.) A pair of purple overalls. Those were all my choice. I have a lot of clothing I would like to forget, including the plaid pants my mom bought at Sears. (Though it’s an interesting complaint to rehash from time to time with my mom.)

I do have fond memories of my ski jacket, however. It was different colors of blue radiating outward from the zipper. It was super cute back then, and so warm up on the ski slopes.

Who are you trying to reach with your blog?

I haven’t decided yet. I’m still trying to figure out where it’s going. I want to be a fiction writer, but I like the connection I get with people when I write about what’s going on in the world today.

Is there a stuffed animal in your bedroom?

There were three stuffed animals in my room until just recently. One was a wolf that my son bought me for Christmas from my college bookstore. Another was a big-eyed dog from the same son. The third was an owl that my eldest son got from Build-a-Bear to celebrate my teaching degree. They are sweet reminders of what’s most important to me – my kids.

The best birthday present ever?

Of all of the wonderful birthday presents I’ve ever been given, the very best one was a ย framed list on my 40th birthday from my sister and her family entitledย 40 Things We ย Love About You.ย It was really sweet of them to sit and try to figure out things to list. I felt important. I felt noticed. I felt loved.And really isn’t that what life is all about?


What would surprise me about you?

I’m pretty good at Mario Kart.

Bonus question: ย What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?ย 

I am grateful for the cooler weather and changing leaves.

I look forward to getting back to the gym. (Maybe if I write it I will do it…)

Thanks to Cee and to her young contributors. Have a great week!



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