Photo credit: Striking Photography by Bo Insogna via Source / CC BY-NC-ND

Morning beckons
In a swirling dance of warm and cool air,
A tease of comfort,
Through the promise of fickle heat
That seeks to destroy.

Hardened against the ravages,
Life braces for the inevitable,
Its hard coating of protection,
Except to the most persistent.

Stifling heat soon envelopes all,
Sucking precious moisture,
Taking without asking,
Yet life refuses to submit.

Angry storm clouds brew,
Roiling on the desert horizon,
Lightning flashing
Under dark-lidded skies,
As life holds her breath.

Glowering clouds
Hurl gusts of angry wind,
Buffeting blasts that send life scurrying,
Embracing hardness
To survive.

Finally, oppressive heat concedes
And the rains come,
Sideways torrents of pent-up tears
Threatening to sweep away everything in their path.
Whipping trees,
Washing boulders,
Rolling through the land.

As the rains exhaust their fury,
Storm clouds dissipate.
The earth sighs.
Balance is restored
And life,
Hidden from the storm,
Reveals itself once again
In glorious colors of release.


Photo credit: desertdutchman via Foter.com / CC BY

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