Photo credit: brx0 via / CC BY-SA

Through untamed wilds we cleared a space;
A vision shared of sweet-smelling roses
And filtered sunlight through trees,
A place that invited happiness in.

And happiness came through the open door
On toddling feet,
And in the whisper of a curious, “Why?”
Like wind over warm ocean currents
It grew and nourished,
Warmed and refreshed.

As the roses grew, so did the thorns,
And an occasional branch fell from the tree
Leaving the sting of pain
And debris,
And clean-up ahead.

But happiness came again
As we worked side by side
And tended each other’s wounds.

We built a tower and pulled them up
Encouraging and guiding small hands and feet.
Through new-found confidence,
They soon sought their own footholds,
And brushed our hands away impatiently.
Yet we remained, unbidden,
Within arm’s reach,
Ready to grab on tight
Should they start to fall.

And happiness overtook us
On its way up, up, up,
Seeking its own path.

As they reached the top
They marveled at the view,
Three-hundred-sixty degrees of possibility.
Turning and turning, overwhelmed.
Which way to go?
And we nodded our understanding
As they stretched their wings,
Balanced on the precipice of what was
And the possibilities of what could be.

And happiness blew over us like the breeze
Tossing hope like leaves through the air,
Fluttering through their outstretched wings
As it beckoned in a whisper,
“Let’s go.”

One by one they took the leap,
Turning back only briefly,
To make sure we were still there.
Then charting a course into the unknown
They flew,
One by one,
Not looking back to see us wave
A sad goodbye,
As they rode off on the currents of happiness.
Stretching their wings,
Soaring ever higher, ever farther,
Growing smaller in our view.

Then the world became still, if only for a moment,
Contrail reminders of happiness dispersing in the atmosphere,
In the pause before we climbed back down,
Alone in our togetherness.

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