Surprise Party

Startled guests gasped. Carina grabbed for the fire extinguisher.

Damn!ย she thought.ย Who thought bundling all 100 candlesย on Aunt Edith’s cake was a good idea?

Flames tickled the chandelier while a once sleepy Aunt Edith sat up in her wheelchair and shrieked.

It Started With a Giggle

It started with a giggle.

Good friends share an unspoken bond. Sometimes all it takes is a look, a knowing glance between like minds that says,ย I know what you’re thinking.

We were sitting in 12th grade Personal Finance when it happened. I looked at her. She looked at me. We both started giggling in the way only close friends can. Giggles became snorts. Snorts became belly laughs. Soon we were busting a gut in the middle of class, our dear favorite teacher taking it in stride, doing no more than looking at us quizzically. We were laughing the kind of laughter that makes your abdominal muscles hurt and leaves you gasping for breath. Like a bad case of the hiccups, there was no stopping this.

For at least a half an hour we spluttered and gasped, until at last class was dismissed and we went our separate ways with smiles on our faces and joy in our hearts.

Inspired by The Daily Post’s prompt: Giggle