Tiny Footsteps

Photo credit: Ian Agrimis via Foter.com / CC BY-NC-ND

Tiny footsteps once echoed throughย our cozy house, staccato taps of small feet encased in glittered jellies and flashing velcroed tennies. Those little feet bent fresh grass, but only briefly; grass springs back, erasing evidence of passing. Bare heels and toes in miniature once impressed themselves upon the sand beside much larger ones, leaving a trail of passage too soon washed away. Pink ballet slippers that once pirouetted over bare floor now rest in a cedar box alongside hiking boots sized for not-yet-walking feet.

To everything there is a season. Children grow and seek their own paths, and all too soon the footsteps are leading out the door.

The house is quiet now, but if you listen carefully, you may hear echoes of those once-small footsteps.



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