To Forever See Your Face

Your smile slit the darkness in my soul, and my heart rejoiced in that space.
Through loving moments it became my goal to forever see your face.

Exploring a new world made for two, and you my heart did truly love,
Alone, once solo, now embraced my role to forever see your face.

Snow white gown in wedded bliss, a foreign aisle we glided down,
To each other promised a lifetime, whole to forever see your face.

Love like a bubbling broth overflowed, intertwined in creative force,
As our eyes looked upon small kindred souls to forever see your face.

Your shoulder my rock, you held my hand as news shook our world that grim day,
And by me did stand as my hope they stole to forever see your face.

Though lines are etched from years of life, I will cherish the time that remains
As we descend the other side this knoll, to forever see your face.

Ghazal attempt – check.